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There is no cost for registering as a tutor on DESI CLASSES. You may apply for tutoring opportunities with your educational and experience information to
To apply as a tutor, send your resume, photograph, and verification documents to Include your qualifications and skills in the discipline that you will be teaching. Build an impressive and relevant bio as per the course you will be teachig.
For registering you will have to provide any National Identification documents such as – Passport, Aadhar card, etc.
Followed by the enrollment details, our team at DESI CLASSES will interview, review, and approve your profile as a tutor on our platform.
Attendance and Commitment: The tutor must have a 100% attendance to provide the students with the best learning experience regularly. Punctuality is an ideal we follow. Professional values: The tutor should maintain professional behavior while communicating with the students. The treatment towards all students must be equal and fair. Build a platform that is safe and informative. Safeguard the interest of the students at all times. Passion: Show a passionate approach towards teaching and carrying out sessions, in order to build interest and help the students to achieve their goals. Go the extra mile in planning and preparing for a session and making it informative and engaging. Maintaining respect: The students must be respected and not discriminated based on their ethnic backgrounds and diversities. Create a comfortable environment and maintain a safe relation among all students as well. Teaching environment: Assure a quiet environment while communicating with the students. Have a neutral background and avoid any external visual or noise disturbances. Profile Management: Maintain a well organized and relevantly persuasive profile to build a good impression.
Being a part of the DESI CLASSES family is about tutoring with loyalty and abiding by our guidelines.
Sharing any personal details to students for contacting outside of this platform are strictly barred. The tutor must not extend or accept a personal offer or ask for any payments to the student for tutoring externally.
Unprofessional behavior such as - usage of offensive language, showing disrespect, rude or loud comments, persistent lateness in joining class and any such activities is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Any such behavior can lead for tutor to be debarred from the platform.
Any differences or discriminatory treatment of students is unethical and will not be tolerated.
There is a strict no allowance rule on personally advertising your tutor’s profile. All Marketing and advertising are regulated by our team solely.
The tutor will be provided with monthly payments on a rolling six-week time period. As the tutor completes a month of classes, he/she will be credited with the payment for that month within the following two weeks.
There is no cancellation policy without the explicit approval of the DESI CLASSES administrator. In case there is an urgent emergency, the tutor must inform the team at DESI CLASSES Administrator at in advance about his/her absence. A 24-hr prior notice must be provided to the team for forwarding any change, rescheduling, or substitution requests to the students. Frequent requests for cancellation of sessions may lead to disciplinary review and action.
We offer excellent earning opportunity for Passionate and Committed Tutors on DesiClassess. Compensation for Tutors has a fixed and variable component. The variable rate is determined by the Course Level, Course Duration, number of students, students review and numbers of course taught. For e.g. a 12 weeks language category course may range from $12/hr - $75/hr depending upon fixed and variable factors. You will be guided on the expected compensation once you are qualified and accepted to become part of the DESICLASSES platform.
The course management and syllabus for each course are determined by our team at DESI CLASSES. As a tutor, you have to plan your sessions according to the specified syllabus. You may improvise the worksheets, quizzes based upon your classes student level.
To report a matter, you can access assistance through Our team believes in serving with convenience and reaching out in case of any issue.


Students are offered a variety of courses with complete specifications on DESI CLASSES. She/he can choose their preferred course and opt to enroll in it. The payment must be carried out via online payment through credit card.
The platform provides easy-to-follow instructions to guide the students through the payment procedure. In case of any problem in enrollment, you can reach out to
The students are expected to be punctual in attending the scheduled sessions and maintaining a 100% attendance, to reap the maximum benefit and learning experiences from the classes.
If the student is absent for any session, the tutor may guide the student through the previous class’s notes to compensate on the missed session.
The students are expected to follow a moral code of conduct and not violate the norms of the platform. Behavior in class: A student must show respect towards the tutor. Using foul language, talking unnecessarily, and disturbing the class is against the classroom rules. Attentiveness: During the sessions, a student is expected to concentrate, jot down points, and make notes that can assist him/her in the studies. One should also participate in interactive sessions and clear any doubts or queries for a smooth learning process. Respect towards students: The student must treat his/her fellow classmates with respect and equality, honor their differences, and should not create conflicts. Attendance and Commitment: It is in the best interest for the students to be punctual and have 100% attendance in the sessions. They should also submit assessments and homew ork on time. Obedience and punctuality are to be inculcated in the students and practiced in class to help the learning and development of the student. Learning environment: The students must attend the online session in quiet surroundings to promote disciplined learning without any disturbance. A noisy and distracting background must be avoided. The use of other distracting devices during the classes is not allowed.
The students must abide by the general norms of the platform, failing which can lead to authoritative action. Contacting any tutor externally for teaching purposes is strictly not allowed. Any payments for the course must not be extended or offered directly to the tutors by the students. Using inappropriate and demeaning language towards any student or teacher is prohibited. Disturbing the class, distracting during an on-going session, etc. is to be avoided for encouraging a disciplined way of learning for all. Other classroom rules must be followed.
As a student, your progress will be assured by the tutor through conduction of - quizzes to check your understanding. The tutor may share helpful videos and notes to assist the sessions and provide more informative resources. You will also be given worksheets, homework, self-assessments, etc. to keep your progress on track.
Due to any emergency or other reason, if a student tends to miss a class, then there can be necessary revisions made by the tutor in the following session to help the student catch up. A session missed by the student will be marked as absent for attendance. There will be no additional make-up session arranged in lieu of the missed group session.
In case, the tutor cannot conduct and cancels a previously scheduled session, the students will be informed in prior about the same by the team at DESI CLASSES. To compensate on a canceled session, arrangement of various options like – substituting the tutor, conducting a make-up session later on, etc. will be planned and notified to all the students accordingly.
Any course joined cannot be opted out of in the middle. The payments made are final and refunds are unavailable. However, if there is any mistake in enrollment of the course, (e.g. exchange in beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels), it can be reported to, nd realignments of the course suiting the student’s requirements can be provided. Also note, such changes can be made only at prior schedules and not late into the course.
Our team believes in serving the learners with convenience and reaching out in case of any issue. To report a matter, you can access assistance through

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